The __ (Player’s choose name) Type: Pinnace

Stats: 150 HP, 3 squares by 7 squares size, AC: 2, Fortitude: 20, Reflex: 2

Speed: 8 square per round in combat, 96 miles in a 24 hour day

Requires a crew of 3 using a standard action per round plus a pilot to keep at full speed, for each missing crew member lose 2 squares of movement. Ship is out of control at 0 speed.

Load: 20 medium creatures, 30 tons of cargo

Decks: Three decks; Top open deck, middle deck for crew and passengers, and a cargo hold.

Weaponry: The is outfitted with 6 standard Enlilian cannons. These cannons are built in the forges of Enlil and are inscribed with ancient runes from before The Fracturing. If one simply cleans the cannon, loads it with shot, and says the keyword “Fire” while touching the rune then it fires. The cannons hitting their target is a skill check, 1d20 + Perception vs. Athletics + 10. A shot can be directed towards a specific part of the ship for a penalty to the attack roll. If the shot misses the called target then it deals half damage to the normal ship if it still makes the skill check. The damage is 1d10 + dexterity modifier + any relevant enchantments.

Health: Hull, if the hull is bloodied then the ship moves at half speed. The hull can repaired by a character trained in Athletics, a supply of tar and wood, and using a standard, minor, and move action. The amount healed is determined by the DM using several different factors.

Mast: The mast of The (playershiphere) has 50 hp, if it is destroyed then the ship moves at 1/4 speed. It is -10 to hit the mast.

Cargo hold: A called shot can hit the cargo hold specifically, given that most ships are constructed with the same basic design. A called shot can damage the cargo, the passengers, or the supply of cannon balls. It is -5 to hit anything within the cargo hold, and the damage taken to any passengers within is -2.

Bow/rudder: The bow has 50 hp and if it is taken out then the ship is considered out of control, the pilot has to make a DC each round in order to control the ship. If he fails then the ship continues at top speed the direction it is pointed until it is stopped by some outside object, repairs are made, or an entirely different DC is made. It is -12 to hit the bow.

Any other called shot is -10, unless the DM says otherwise.

Boarding: Boarding is accomplished by grappling hooks fired from ship either by balista, thrown, or a hand-held launcher. Range differs for each type, as do chances to hit. If the hook is successfully stuck, then the ships are considered stuck together and will continue along the same path until the cords are severed.


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