Firearms were invented around 100 years ago in the forges of Enlil. However, they are mostly magically operated. Most guns are single shot and reloading is a minor action; however, there are some exceptions. The guns operate by a magical rune inscribed inside the barrel, and when the keyword is spoken the gun ignites the explosive material in the ball and propels it forward. Accuracy, damage, and range depend on the type of gun.

Superior Ranged Weapon (Gatling, Rail)

  • Two-Handed
  • +2 proficiency bonus
  • 3d10 damage
  • Range 60/120
  • Reload special

A gatling rail gun attacks all creatures in an area burst 2 within range.

A gatling rail gun uses two types of ammo: a reservoir of ferro-tungsten metallic slugs and a magical power source to power the firing rail. Both are conveniently stored in an all-in-one backpack. The weapon may be fired 50 times without reloading (each “shot” representing 100 actual rounds being fired). Replacing the backpack requires two full-round actions (reduced to one if another character assists with their own full-round action). Alternately, the battery can be recharged with an extended rest assuming enough rounds and an appropriate power source are available.

Single Shot Pistol (Flintlock, Ball shot)

  • Single handed
  • +2 Proficiency Bonus
  • 1d8 damage + dexterity
  • Range 10/20
  • Reload as minor action through the muzzle
  • Cost: 75 gp, Ammo: 1gp per 15 balls

This single shot pistol uses lead musket balls inscribed with a small explosive rune used to propel the shot out of the pistol. It is possible to find a kit to make bullets.

Single Shot Rifle (Flintlock, Ball shot)

  • Two handed
  • +3 Proficiency Bonus
  • 1d12 damage + dexterity
  • Range 25/40
  • Reload as minor action through the muzzle
  • Cost: 100 gp, Ammo: 1gp per 15 balls

This single shot rifle uses the same ammo as a pistol, yet has a longer range and is more accurate.

Grappling Hook (Handheld, fired, or mounted)

  • One handed, Two handed, or Mounted
  • No damage
  • Range 5/10, 15/20, 30/40
  • Reload as minor action through the muzzle
  • Cost: 15 gp for handheld or fired, 20 for mounted

A grappling hook is used for the boarding of enemy ships. It can be flung from the hand, fired from a rifle, or fired using special ship-mounted balista.


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